Top among Barbara’s favorite interviews was the one that got away: Harrison Ford. She says, “One of his staffers sent a nice, ‘maybe next time’ email. It’s still under my pillow.”

   A Fitting Tribute by Barbara Neal Varma A Fitting Tribute
July 2010 – Image Magazine
    Kindred Spirits by Barbara Neal Varma Kindred Spirits
June 2010 – Image Magazine
    "Rod Stewart" Brings Rocker Swag to O.C.
November 2009 – News-N-Views
    Dancing with Cheryl Burke by Barbara Neal Varma

Dancing with Cheryl Burke
October 2009 – Image Magazine


O.C. Fans Go Crazy for Tribute Band Aeromyth
October 2009 – News-N-Views

    Comedians with a Cause by Barbara Neal Varma

Comedians with a Cause
June 2009 – Image Magazine

    Got Anxiety? Take the Cure by Barbara Neal Varma

Got Anxiety? Take the Cure
March 2009 – Image Magazine



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Writing is telepathy.”
– Stephen King

Serious art is born from serious play.”
– Julia Cameron

Barbara Neal Varma is my favorite author.”
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