Among other glossy magazine gigs, Barbara was a contributing editor to Image magazine.

    How to Say I Love You by Barbara Neal Varma How to Say "I Love You"
January 2009 – Image Magazine
    Viva Las Magic by Barbara Neal Varma Viva Las Magic
January 2009 – Image Magazine
    Company's Coming by Barbara Neal Varma

Company's Coming!
June 2008 – Image Magazine

    Hollywood's Magic Castle by Barbara Neal Varma

Hollywood's Magic Castle
October 2008 – Image Magazine

    Back Page Break-Ins by Barbara Neal Varma

Back Page Break-Ins
Sep 2007 – Writers Weekly
ByLine Magazine (November 2005)

    Be a Writing Diva and Never Sell Again by Barbara Neal Varma

Be a Writing Diva! (and never sell again)
August 2007 – Christian Communicator;
ByLine Magazine (November 2005)

Favorite Quotes:

Writing is telepathy.”
– Stephen King

Serious art is born from serious play.”
– Julia Cameron

Barbara Neal Varma is my favorite author.”
– Mom


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