Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook

toaster used as pot for plants

She doesn't cook. She doesn't like change. Let the kitchen renovation begin.


05/11/2013   Day 1
Our heroine stumbles bleary-eyed into the kitchen in search of her morning cup of tea. Everything has changed. 
Read more.
05/12/2013   Day 2
Day 2 dawns. Our heroine receives her orders: organize and sort. She can do that. Read more.

Day 3
Day 3 finds our heroine in her work at-work office tower a few lazy miles away from home. More escape than banishment (she’s pretty sure). Read more.


Day 4
Day 4 finds our heroine on high alert. The strange men her momma warned her about have arrived. Read more.


Day 5
Day 5 finds our heroine tucked away in her at-work office again. Safe from all the kitchen chaos and workmens' lower wardrobe malfunctions. Read more.


Day 6
Day 6 finds our heroine working from home sweet home again. It's surprisingly quiet.  Read more.


Day 7
It's a quiet day in the neighborhood. The strange men and their strange pants made only a brief appearance this morning due to the tile running away yesterday to the wrong warehouse. Read more.


Day 8
And so it begins again.The men are back with their power tools and pull-up pants and all the noise that goes with. Read more.


Day 9
 The doorbell rang. Right away our heroine could tell there was something different. Read more.


Day 10
"One of the tile crew had a family emergency.” Well, what was our heroine supposed to say to that? Read more.


Day 11  
The doorbell rang at 10 a.m. A short, round-faced man was on the other side. He looked a little frightened.  Read more.


Day 12 
Busy day today: primping, cleaning, comfort-eating in anticipation of the man of the castle's return. Read more.


Day 13   
The king of the kitchen-less castle is back and not a moment too soon. For hug-a-roo reasons, of course, but also to avoid and abort a near tile tragedy. Read more.


Day 14  
He said, "So do you think the refrigerator looks good there?"Our heroine looked at her man with wide eyes, sensing a trick question. Read more.


Day 15 
Our heroine cooked today. She toasted bagels for breakfast. Hey, that totally counts! Read more.


Day 16 
Two topics come to mind: toilets and tacos. (Not the relationship you might think.) Read more.


Day 17
Houston, we have a tile problem. Read more.


Day 18 
Scene: the hallway or today's version of the O.K. Corral. Read more.


Day 19 
After yet another major tile oopsie, hubby declared war on Clipboard Man and his Tile Dudes. Read more.


Day 20 
The sounds reach hubby’s ears like a lullaby: BAM, BOOM! POUND-POUND-POUND. Read more.


Day 21 
Our heroine's house is like the little shop of horrors! What's happening??!! (Poltergeist, 1982) Read more.


Day 22 
It all began innocently enough: a simple move to the living room because the casing boys needed to get sweaty back in the home office installing baseboards. Read more.


Day 23 
This, she thought, was war. Read more.


Day 24 
Our heroine is feeling "pensive" today. She likes that word. So much better than "hormonal." Read more


Day 25  
Early on in the Great Kitchen Renovation of 2013, hubby went to Valley Forge on business. But only recently did our heroine and her good husband feel they'd been through the equivalent of General Washington's dire winter’s challenge. Read more.


Day 26 
Ladies and gentlemen ... We have granite.  Read more.


Day 27  
The new stove is hooked up. Making our heroine think wow, size does matter. Read more.


Day 28  
The kitchen apocalypse is almost complete. Just cabinet doors to arrive and then the Ta da! moment shall be upon them.  Read more.


Hallelujah! A kitchen is born! (Well, it did seem to take nine months.)   Read more.


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